Brownies & Bars
Brownies & Bars

Some of our most popular bars and brownies include:

SEA SALT BROWNIES – made with bittersweet Belgian chocolate and sprinkled with natural English sea salt flakes.

TRICOLOR “COOKIES” – the Italian classic, composed of three layers of moist almond-flour cake, separated by layers of apricot and raspberry jam, all topped with a layer of chocolate ganache

“TWIX” BARS – our homemade shortbread topped with caramel and bittersweet chocolate ganache, dipped in Belgian chocolate

LEMON BARS – shortbread crust topped with a tart organic lemon custard

PECAN BARS – shortbread crust topped with a gooey filling, packed with pecans

PUMPKIN BARS (SEASONAL) – graham cracker crust topped with a spiced pumpkin filling